How Can I Help You?

Im Gary Kelly, owner/principal of OnWebNet IT and Web Services.

Getting to Grips with Technology

GreenDragon Book a Personal or Group Learning Session Book a FREE 15 Minute Session to discuss your problem. For the technically challenged, or newbies, I can teach you how to set up and use your smart device (phone or tablet), and then show you how to use the internet safely and to find whatever you want. You can organise Individual or Group sessions so you can get specific help or share the cost and the fun. More that 200 people have been through my courses so far. I get great feedback.

Get your Group together, decide where you want to meet, and what you want to learn.

Design – Build – Host and Manage your web site

ooo_web2 Book a time to discuss Hosting or Design Options I provide a WordPress based, online business and community service, designed to help you create your internet presence the way you want. I can help you with web sites, event management, modern e-mailing services, Facebook and more. Or I can manage the whole process for you. Sites incorporate the functionality most needed to get you on the internet. I can show you how to use WordPress.

Get your Business or Organisation working with todays technology

hero Book a time to discuss your needs Modern devices and cloud computing can provide significant advantages for your work activities. Modern web based services can be hugely more efficient than the now dated desktop programs. Increase your reach and your efficiency.

Reduce the time it takes you to manage. Call me. If I can’t help, there won’t be any charge.

Troubleshoot your IT and Internet problems

Sample Image Three Make an Appointment If you have a problem, and dont have time to research the solution, call me, and we’ll work something out 🙂